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109.1  State the primary mission of the following aviation communities:
  1. HC- Helicopter Combat Support - Rotary Wing (Aircraft: H-1, H-3, C-HH-46D, CH-53E)
  2. HCS- Helicopter Combat Support Special Squadron- Rotary Wing (Aircraft: HH-60H)
  3. HM- Helicopter Mine Countermeasures - Rotary Wing (Aircraft: CH/RH-53, MH-53)
  4. HS- Helicopter Antisubmarine - Rotary Wing (Aircraft: SH-3, SH-60F)
  5. HSL- Helicopter Antisubmarine Light (Aircraft: SH-2, SH-60B)
  6. HT- Helicopter Training (Aircraft: TH-57)
  7. VAQ- Tactical Electronic Warfare - Fixed Wing (Aircraft: EA-6B, EA-7, EP-3)
  8. VAW- Carrier Airborne Early Warning - Fixed Wing (Aircraft: E-2)
  9. VC- Fleet Composite - Fixed Wing (Aircraft: TA-4E, S/UH-3A, CH-53E, VP-3A)
  10. VF- Fighter - Fixed Wing (Aircraft: F-14, F-16N, A-4, T-38)
  11. VFA- Strike Fighter - Fixed Wing (Aircraft: F/A-18)
  12. VMFA- Marine Fighter Attack - Fixed Wing (Aircraft: F/A-18)
  13. VP- Patrol - Fixed Wing (Aircraft: P-3)
  14. VQ- Fleet Air Reconnaissance - Fixed Wing (Aircraft: ES-3, EP-3, E-6, EC-130)
  15. VR- Aircraft Logistics Support - Fixed Wing (Aircraft: C-9, C-12, C-20, CT-39, C-130, C-131)
  16. VRC- Carrier Logistics Support - Fixed Wing (Aircraft: C-2)
  17. VS- Carrier Antisubmarine Warfare - Fixed Wing (Aircraft: S-3)
  18. VT- Training - Fixed Wing (Aircraft: T-2, TA-4, T-34, T-44, T-47, T-45)
  19. VX/VXE/VX - Air Test and Evaluation - Fixed Wing (Aircraft: A4M/T, TA-4J, A-6, AV-8, F/A-18A/B, S-3A/B, P-3A/C, UH-1N, AH-1J/T/W,SH-2F, SH-3H, SH-60B/F, OV-10A/D
  20. VXE- Antarctic Development- Fixed Wing (Aircraft: LC-130 and UH-1H).
109.2  Identify the mission of the following naval aircraft:
  1. AV-8 Harrier- Fighter attack
  2. C-130 Hercules- Logistics support
  3. C-2Greyhound- Carrier logistics support
  4. C-20 Gulfstream- Logistics support
  5. C-9Sky Train- Logistics support
  6. EA-6B Prowler- Tactical electronic warfare
  7. E-2Hawkeye- Airborne early warning
  8. C-12 Huron- Logistics support
  9. E-6Mercury- Fleet air reconnaissance
  10. F/A-18 Hornet- Fighter/attack
  11. F-14 Tomcat- Fighter
  12. H-2Seasprite- Helicopter antisubmarine light
  13. H-3Sea King- Helicopter antisubmarine
  14. H-46 Sea Knight- Helicopter combat support
  15. H-53 Sea Stallion- Helicopter mine countermeasures
  16. SH-60BSeahawk- Helicopter antisubmarine light
  17. SH-60FOceanhawk- Helicopter antisubmarine light
  18. HH-60HSeahawk- Helicopter antisubmarine light
  19. P-3Orion- Patrol
  20. S-3Viking- Carrier antisubmarine warfare
  21. TA-4 Sky Hawk- Training
  22. T-2Buckeye- Training
  23. T-45 Goshawk- Training
  24. UH-1N Iroquois- Helicopter combat support
  25. T-34 Mentor- Training
  26. T-44 Pegasus- Training
  27. F-5Tiger- Fighter
  28. AH-1 Cobra- Helicopter combat support