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104.1 What is the purpose of the following:

  1. Search stores- used in searching for and localizing a submarine target. Consists of compact electronic receiver-transmitters that are dropped from the aircraft into the water at a predetermined point. The devices receive the sounds underwater and transmit them to the aircraft. The on-board processor converts and displays the sound energy at the acoustic operator's station.

  2. Kill stores- consists of torpedoes, mines, bombs, rockets and guided missiles. The purpose of the weapons is for attacking enemy submarines or ships.

104.2 Define the following acronyms associated with ordnance:

  1. AGM- Air-launched, surface-attack, guided missile

  2. ATM- Air-launched, training guided missile
  3. CATM- Captive Air-launched, training missile (Harpoon, Maverick, & Slam)

104.3 What is the purpose of the following:

  1. MK 20- (ROCKEYE) Cluster Bomb Unit (CBU).

  2. BDU-45- Simulates MK-82 depth bomb for training.
  3. MK 80 series- Low drag general purpose bombs. Depth bombs with fusing differences (delayed/impact).

104.4 What types of air-laid mines are utilized by the P-3 aircraft?

  1. MK-55 Bottom mine 2200 lbs.

  2. MK-60 Anti-sub mine 2500 lbs.
  3. MK-62, 63, 64 Quick-strike mines 500-1000 lbs.
  4. MK-25.
  5. MK-36.
  6. MK-65 Quick-strike mine 2000 lbs.

104.5 State the purpose of the following missiles:

  1. AGM-84 Harpoon- an all-weather anti-ship attack weapon.

  2. AGM-65 Maverick- a laser-guided, rocket-propelled, air-to-ground missile.
  3. AGM-84E Slam- a standoff land attack missile.

104.6 What two types of torpedoes are utilized by the P-3 aircraft?

MK-46 and MK-50.

104.7 What are the three basic types of sonobuoys?

  1. Special purpose- an example would be a bathythermograph buoy which measure the ocean temperature from the surface to 1,000 feet. Also an ambient noise buoy which measures the level of ambient (background) noise in that area of the ocean in which it's dropped.

  2. Passive- underwater microphones (hydrophones) which listens to sounds in water.
  3. Active- mini sonars which "ping" for sumbarines and transmit that info up to the aircraft

104.8 What is the purpose of a MK 84 Signal Underwater Sound (SUS) device?

SUS devices are used to signal underwater targets during ASW exercises.

104.9 What are the three types of deployable countermeasures?

  1. Chaff- creates radar decoys or confuses radar seekers.

  2. Flares- decoys heat seeking missiles.
  3. Electronic Jamming- interferes or "jams" radars.

104.10 What is a pyrotechnic device?

As used in the military, are items that produce a bright light for illumination or colored lights or smoke for signaling.

104.11 What are the two types of marine location markers?

  1. MK-25 (lasts for 13.5-18.5 minutes)

  2. MK-58 (lasts for 40-60 minutes).

104.12 State the purpose of the following:

  1. Bomb rack- carry, arm, and release stores such as bombs, torpedoes, mines, missiles, and other stores suspended internally or externally from pylons.

  2. Pylon- used to suspend launchers or bombs from the aircraft wings, fuselage or bomb bay.
  3. LAU-117 missile launcher- AGM-65 (Maverick) rack.
  4. Sonobuoy Launch Tubes (SLTs)- Used to store and launch sonobuoys externally (48 tubes)
  5. Pressurized Sonobuoy Launch tubes (PSLTs)- Used for loading and launching internal stores (3 tubes).